DesignMatters is the Association’s bimonthly newsletter that brings the news of IIDA and the industry to your fingertips. It provides frequent updates on industry events, networking opportunities and Chapter news, keeping you linked in with IIDA.

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Perspective is the IIDA Award-winning design journal. From provocative articles and content for thought leadership to refreshing inspiration, Perspective weaves together sharp wit and original graphic art to pique the interest of Interior Design professionals at every stage of their career. Check out the latest issue.

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Quad, the student newsletter, keeps the pulse on design competitions, Campus Center happenings, IIDA Student Member news and the hottest topics in the design industry. Check it out today!

IIDA Spectrum tackles today’s most relevant issues, gathered from sources like The Associated Press, The New York Times, Financial Times and the leading industry publications. The IIDA Spectrum keeps professionals informed of topics that impact their programs.

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